Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Єϝтιε Mεтακαтαᴧυ!

What's that? A new letter?

Λυмοειн ὑπнεειнκε βωειтει ἁϝтιιϝ οφтιтeрιει. Єϝ ουрυ.

Lie.inf sleep.inf-and couch.dat self.gen old.comp.dat. Good life.
"To lie and sleep on a couch older than yourself. That's life." 

It is. Well, the Waua only appears in some dialects, such as the one seen above. It's some proto dialect, as it features unassimilated forms (-οειн instead of -οιн) and ancient noun conjugations (-ιϝ instead of -ου).

I have started writing down my grammar and collecting it all, as it seemed some rules were only on this paper, and other collocations can only be found on that webpage. Also, I have been working out the proto-languages' vowel assimiliation, as well as vowel elision.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cupboard Utopia

Єтι Καтαᴧυ!

I've been working on some diachronics of some sort; it started with noun conjugations, but I will develop it to a couple of dialects. I'll probably put some of those into my conworld. You might just see something about all this sometime soon.

Δακрι мнεc xтωнc εмοнε οᴧβκε?

Back.dat is.3pl lands happiness.gen wealth.gen-and?
Are there lands of happiness and wealth on the other side?

Noortje was quite jumpy at that moment. Strolling across my table as if I weren't trying to get something done on my pc. I guess she noticed it was almost time for dinner, demanding some extra attention in the meantime.

And yes, both the ευтιε καтαᴧυ and The Sentence were written in a dialect of some sort. This one was created after first applying 'elesion' and then 'contraction'. Well, I haven't worked that out, really.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Afternoon Philosophy

Єυтιε Mεтακαтαᴧυ!

Whoops. Well, it's just that Tuesday is a really busy day for me. On tuesdays, I have to go to school from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Of course I could (and should) do it in the two ours either before or after dinner, but when I haven't got plenty of time, it simply slips my mind. Got carried away playing StarCraft 2 and finishing the campaign. So yeah, I just forgot again.

"Eᴧeгι Cωκрαтιc αнтрωπιн мεнοнтιιн cωмαтεн ἑδε ουрιδрεн ἑδε δυεc? Mει αрοιι. Є, ευ.

Say.pst.3sg Sokratis human.acc be.prt.acc body.acc or soul.acc or both.acc? Me.dat is_forgotten.3sg. exclam, good.
"Did Sokrates say that the human is the body, the soul or both? I forgot. Oh, well."

Isn't she just enjoying that postsummer sun? She looks so undisturbable. I can hardly imagine that anything other than that sentence is running through her head.

It features an interesting construction: мει (α)рοιι. It literally means "to me it is remembered" or if negated "forgotten".
Also, ὲ is simply an exclamational thingy. It shows lack of importance or interest.
(For your information, he said it was the soul.)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Mea Culpa

Єυтιε Mεтακαтαᴧυ!

I forgot to post a καтαᴧυ yesterday. Whoops. Mea culpa.

U̔φαрιωc δрοιнтωc αδнα εнιδειc βрαмтαнοнтιωc ὑπнωнтα αнαᴧδοрεтα.

Autumn.adj.gen drop.gen at windows.dat strike.imp.prt.gen sleep.prt.f non-interrupt.pass.3sg.
The sleepster is not being interrupted by the autumn raindrops bombarding the windows.

Yeah, summer has ended and it has started raining again over here. Not that the weather usually is spectacular here in Holland, but still. Arriving at school completely soaked is never pleasant. But luckily, Noortje doesn't seem to care. I really like the word βрαмтαιн, by the way; I think it covers the meaning pretty well. It's a bit onomatopoeic, I guess.

Oh, and to make up for my mistake: another ευтιε καтαᴧυ!

Єυтιε Mεтακαтαᴧυ!

(Ain't that something?)
Єι Cтрeπα ᴧeωнιc мεнeι, αυтрιωн ποιeι нεн.

If Streepje lion be.conj.3sg, other.adv do.conj.3sg nothing.acc.
If Streepje were a lion, she would do nothing different. 

Нεн sounds odd/funny. It's nice and short. "Цαтεн ποιιc?" "Нεн." (or "нεн!", "нεн..?" οр "нὲὲн." depending on the circumstances.) The only thing my cats do more than I, is sleep. Well, that and spending time outside, maybe.