Monday, 21 June 2010

Διυ εнтрα Λυрιοнαιc (part 4)

Yay, my first Lurion myth! It's about Seufno. The name has become a noun in lurioneski:

cευφнο means 'drunk' or "binge drinker" or any other pejorative description of someone who drinks too much water or more commonly alcohol.

The water near the Lurion coast is generally clear and blue, by the way, and good for swimming in the hot summer sun.


Mεтα δευ καᴧειc πрοcπωн ᴧιмαι гεрιмιαι ααcπιω ὑтᴧιмιει δεмει Βᴧυποcκιαι οιδαтιαι υδοιрοц. Aмφιтωнтιε ὑδрει cтι βαᴧтр Ἱδοрοц φαрοнтιοц ἁмαн δακрει e мαнει рeδιει φεррοрн δeα. Єн cιнιтει δeι καδцε Cεцφнοц, εκ ἁтοц οποцc cοнδοцκε рεπcοцκε εгxc δeαцδc. Cεцφнο eαцδрι ποιᴧωн e ὁц нυδрαιυ eгεгнι мeгιεгε ὡн ὁн eαцδрοнтιοн πрοтωн ὑδрεгxc e мεтωн παнтιεc ὑттαрc. Ἁтιοц ὑβрιzοц Ἱδοр eтαxтι ὁн, ecнιᴧтι καδцн δυнeοнтιι ὑδрεгxc мαрcκε ὑттαрcκε.

After two days near the geriman border I have reached the coastal village Bluposkia (Blyposcia), famous for its fountain. Surrounded by water stands the statue of Hidor carrying his shield on his back and in his right hand his iron (sword) downward. In his left [hand] hangs the head of Seufno, from whose eyes, mouth and neck flow waterfalls. Seufno drank a lot and his thirst grew so big that he first drank rivers and later all the seas. For this hybris did Hidor punish him, he cut off his head, releasing the rivers and lakes and seas.

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