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Hasmo and Rodas

This is the myth of Hasmo (the god of beauty, youth and nature) and Rodas, his fatal love.

  1. Ἁcмο ευzαрιтαтιο αнтрωπωc тeωcκε eрαπzοтα δυнιнου. 
  2. Aφαнтεн αмφιαннοнтιο eδeαιι цιδιππει Uтυмαр εн αнтрωπειc. 
  3. Διι ποᴧεc, αυт нιc eмεнι δοрιтeрιι ὁι ἑδε δοрιιгε ὡн ὁι. 
  4. Διι ᴧeнειεc ὑттαрεcκε, αυт нιc eмεнι. 
  5. Aрβαυмεн δεδιοнтιο, αмφιтωнтιο нιтωc φαυнιωc, δυнιнυ 
  6. eεκιι αυт eмειнεнι δeυ φeᴧιтαιн υπтα ἑοπωнтιο Рωδαοн. 
  7. Aгрιο ὑцεнο, δοрιтαтιι Ἁcмου ειδεтωнтιc, αнтαгεнι мεκεc. 
  8. Aφαнтεн αмφιαннοнтιο αιcтωc εκαмβι e ᴧοмιωн αδнαιι. 
  9. “Καᴧυ,” φι αнтαгοнтο, “нιтι’ ἑᴧecι’κε.” Cυнαмβωнтιεc 
  10. Рωδαc eβαβι e Ἁcмο αυδαcκι cαφтιεc ᴧοгεc мυтεcκε. 
  11. Єυтιεc εтαрec гεнεc e Uтυмαр тιδιει καᴧει eцιδιδι οрα e δeα. 
  12. Тιδει Рωδαc καcтрιδι αφαнтεн δeαπeнειοнтιο e тιδει “ουнα” αнαᴧeгεтα. 
  13. Καᴧει Рωδαc Ἁcмοι eᴧeгι: “Cε φeᴧιω.
  14. Єι мε φeᴧιιc, цαтαυн нε δeαπeнειιc?” 
  15. Καᴧει Ἁcмο Рωδαοι eᴧeгι: “Cε φeᴧιω.
  16. Єι мε φeᴧιιc, цαтαυнгε δeαπeнeω? 
  17. Δοрιтαтιιн мε αнтрωπωc тeωcκε φeᴧιιc ποιᴧιтeрιωн? 
  18. Καccαрιтαтιιн мε αнтрωπωc тeωcκε φeᴧιιc οιгιтeрιωн?” 
  19. Aυт ῾eι нοκтει тeιнтου ὑπнωнтιου αφαнтει βαᴧιцωн ειδι
  20. οιοι αнтрωπιc αнтαгεтωнтιι φeᴧου e δeου οιδαтεн δοрιοн καccαрιοнцε. 
  21. Ἁcмου ευzαрιтαтιου αнтрωπωc тeωcκε eрαπzοтα ευzαрου.

  1. Hasmo, most handsome of humans and gods, was torn apart by loneliness.
  2. Wearing a cloak all around, he descended on his vidippis (hippogriff) Utumar (Goodheart) amongst the humans. 
  3. He went to the cities, but noone was more beautiful than he, or as beautiful as he.
  4. He went to the plains and the seas, but noone was (there). 
  5. Having went to the forest, being surrounded by his animal friends, the loneliness
  6. left, but the need to be loved stayed, until having gazed at Rodas. 
  7. The young farmer (~), most beautiful which Hasmo sees, is herding his goats.
  8. Wearing his cloak all around, he walks out of the shadows and slowly comes closer. 
  9. “’Day,” says the herder, “nice ‘nd sunny.” Walking together,
  10. Rodas smalltalked and Hasmo listens carefully to his soft stories and tales. 
  11. They become good friends and Utumar flew every single day up and down.
  12. Every time Rodas asks to take down the cloak, and every time he is answered “no”. 
  13. One day, Rodas said to Hasmo: “I love you.
  14. If you love me, why don’t you take it down?” 
  15. That day, Hasmo said to Rodas: “I love you. 
  16. If you love me, why would I take it down? 
  17. If I were the most beautiful of humans and gods, would you love me more? 
  18. If I were the most badlooking of humans and gods, would you love me less?” 
  19. But one night he looked under the cloak of the little sleeping god,
  20. merely a human driven by love and a need to know if he was beautiful or ugly. 
  21. By Hasmo’s beauty, most handsome of humans and gods, he was torn apart. 

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